Nikhil Banerjee Published Recordings Discography

Cozmic Harmony

A Bengal budget record label.

Nikhil Dhwani (vocal)
Released 5 September 2010 –
Accompanied by a book in Bengali with people’s reminiscences about NB and poor quality photos.
Also released by Washington Bangla Radio as a mp3 "cd".

Includes Rabindrasangeet (Tagore Songs) and Bengali song.
Track list
1. Ashru Nadir Sudur Pare Ghat Dekha Jay 3:44
2. Shyamal Chhaya Nai Ba Gele 4:13 Raag Pradhan (Raaga Based)
3. Aasi Bole Keno Elo Na 5:47
4. Tomay Ami Peyechi To Jatobar 5:05

5. A Tribute To My Friend (Raag: Jog) - A Sarod Recital by Pt. Buddhadeb Dasgupta

Ashruta Nikhil
09 September 2013 CH0475CD Claims to be from music in the collection of Roma Banerjee but appears to be from unpublished Sitarmac files.
“Girona rec”?
1 Hamsadhwani 28:43
2 Latangi 38:53