Nikhil Banerjee Published Recordings Discography

The discography pages list known 78s, LPs, Cassettes and CDs, by publisher.

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The earlier recordings were on EMI and related company LP issues, many subsequently reissued on cassette then CD. These provide a fair account of studio recordings with a limited performance timespan imposed by the medium. (Nikhil Banerjee is said to have disliked performing this way).

The mid-90s saw the release of some interesting AIR (All India Radio) material.

More recently the companies Raga Records and Chhanda Dhara have released an extraordinary series of CDs of Nikhil’s live performances, which are the best guide to the actual concert experience of listening to this great musician, who is often regarded as the 20th century’s master of the instrument and its music.

Anthologies and compilations with a mixture of Nikhil Banerjee and other artists’ recordings were previously largely ignored where the tracks on these are included within the solo albums below. But since, in particular, the RPG/Saregama CD collection represents now a substantial block of what is currently available to purchasers I have included a summary of these.

Information includes where possible recording dates and album publication date. Cover and insert pictures are included where available. Track lengths are given for most tracks, further details may be found on many of the CD deatil pages. Cassette or LP track lengths are necessarily approximate.

Many or most of these issues are out of print, and new releases have dried to a trickle.

Please advise any errors/additions.

In addition to these webpages giving the discography by publisher/label with cover pics etc, a condensed version of the whole discography is available on this page and available for download in PDF format click here

And a list of the published recordings by raga is here.

Album Issues by Label/Publisher

78 RPM

AIR, Immortal Series SICCD aka T Series, Akashwani Sangeet


Amigo (and Audiorec/C&E)

AMMP9405 Signature Series

Atlantis Magnasound


BASF Harmonia Mundi


Chhanda Dhara

Cozmik Harmony


EASD and related EMI releases LP and Cassette

ESP - Disques Esperance/Sonodisc




Purple Egg



Raga Music Communications

Raga Records



SBKK (Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra)

Sony Music


"Suppose when I'm in a very good mood I think it will come out nicely, then technically it is not perfect sound-wise or something. I'm not very satisfied, but I'm partly satisfied with one recording company-Sonodisc in France."
Nikhil Banerjee on studio recording