Foreign Concert Tours

The following is a list of concert recordings where dates of performances are known or indicated.
Together they build a picture of Nikhilda’s foreign tours.
Some information may be incorrect, and there are necessarily many gaps.
Any supplementary information would be welcome.
*P* = published recordings

1955 Poland, USSR, China

First USA appearances?
*P* Berkeley Mahapurush Mishra
Dec 14th First UK performance? Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
18th Dec QEH?

Australia and Fiji
24/7/68 San Francisco radio interview broadcast
*P* Berkeley Mahapurush Mishra 26/7? 27/7?
Taught in US for previous two summers American Society for Eastern Arts summer schools and toured colleges and universities in US.

1969 QEH London 2/2/69

Berlin March
*P* 14/5 Amsterdam Kanai Dutt
*P* 17/5 Rotterdam Kanai Dutt
1970?? Germany Sankha Chatterjee
San Francisco Kanai Dutt

*P* London Faiyaz Khan
Germany? Faiyaz Khan

*P* Amsterdam Zamir Ahmed Khan
London BBC Faiyaz Khan placed 20/4/74 in BBC Archive ?
Cologne Germany Faiyaz Khan 28/10/72
Germany unknown location
Dublin Faiyaz Khan 16/11/72

*P* Munich Shankar Lal

Munich Anand Bodas
Paris Musee Guimet Anand Bodas 4/11 6/11
Berkeley Jnan Prakash Ghosh 8/8/75
Berkeley Jnan Prakash Ghosh 17/8/75
San Francisco Guru Purnima ? Jnan Prakash Ghosh
1975/76? California Jnan Prakash Ghosh
WDR Dated 17/8/75 but must be broadcast not recording date
*P* Stockholm studio recordings Anindo Chatterjee
*P* Tubingen Anindo Chatterjee
Munich Anindo Chatterjee
Paris Guimet Anindo Chatterjee 6/11/75 13/11/75
*P* Paris studio recordings Anindo Chatterjee December

*P* San Francisco Zakir Hussain
Berkeley Zakir Hussain
St Johns Berkeley w Anindo????
Kennedy Hall NY Zakir Hussain
Private Concert? California Pranesh Khan 17/7/76?
Late 70s? Pranesh Khan
*P* Munich Swapan Chaudhuri 30/10
Zurich Anindo Chatterjee (1975/78? Swapan Chaudhuri?)
Paris Guimet Swapan Chaudhuri 3/11/76

St Johns Berkeley Anindo Chatterjee
London BBC 23-Sep-1977 w Swapan Chaudhury Paris Guimet? 4/11/77

Montreal Anindo Chatterjee
Vancouver Anindo Chatterjee?
Berkeley Ca Anindo Chatterjee 26/8/78
St Johns Ca Anindo Chatterjee 28/8/78
Cambridge Mass Anindo Chatterjee 16/10/78
Zurich Anindo Chatterjee
Paris Guimet Anindo Chatterjee 9/9/78
BBC recordings Anindo Chatterjee 22/11/78?

House concert Scarsdale NY Anindo Chatterjee
Paris Guimet Anindo Chatterjee 1/11/79
Geneva Anindo Chatterjee 3/11/79
Berlin Anindo Chatterjee 13/11/79

*P* Bath England Anindo Chatterjee
*P* Munich Anindo Chatterjee 26/11
Munich Anindo Chatterjee 26/11/80

BBC recordings Anindo Chatterjee 29/9/81?
Heidelberg Anindo Chatterjee November
BBC recordings Anindo Chatterjee 1/12/81 broadcast/rebroadcast 1983

*P* Bath England Samir Chatterjee
Copenhagen Samir Chatterjee 27/28th sep 82
*P* Berkeley Swapan Chaudhuri 12/10/82
Pick Staiger Auditorium NWS Uni Zakir Hussain 18/10/82

Bethesda Md Ananda Gopal Bannerjee 25/9/83
Worgal Austria Arup Sen?
London 23/10/83
*P* Musee Guimet Paris Anindo Chatterjee 2/11
*P* Paris studio Anindo Chatterjee

*P* Chicago October
New York Abhijit Banerjee?
Berkeley Swapan Chaudhuri
*P* England Wolverhampton Abhijit Banerjee
*P* Gathani releases from Europe/USA tour Abhijit Banerjee
*P* Amsterdam Abhijit Banerjee
Paris Guimet Abhijit Banerjee 7/11/84
WDR Germany recodings Abhijit Banerjee 10/11/84
Germany unknown location
Granz Germany (interview)
Zurich Abhijit Banerjee 13/11/84
*P* London Abhijit Banerjee 24/11/84

*P* London Anindo Chatterjee
*P* Stuttgart recordings Anindo Chatterjee
London TV LWT Anindo Chatterjee
Paris ?
Blackrock, Dublin Anindo Chatterjee 21/6/85
Basel AACM
Basel (1985?)
*P* AACM Swapan Chaudhuri Oct
*P* San Francisco Zakir Hussain Oct 6 “Festival from India”
San Francisco Palace Fine Arts Zakir Hussain 6/10/85
Carnegie Hall NY Zakir Hussain November 10th
Toronto Zakir Hussain
*P* San Francisco Swapan Chowdhuri

Concert recordings, dates vague.

196? 197? San Francisco Kanai Dutt
Early 70s California Zakir Hussain
1970s? California Live with Zakir Hussain
19?? Canada Zakir Hussain
*P* 19?? Pre 1982 concerts on Chhanda Dhara Anindo Chatterjee and Ratan Mukherjee tanpura
*P* 198? Bristol/Bath? Swapan Chaudhuri
*P* 19?? Stockholm concert Anindo Chatterjee


"Previously it was really a problem. Most of the time I used to purchase a half-ticket for sitar... like 'Mr A Sitar'... (for a) seat next to me."
Nikhil Banerjee on air travel with his instrument.... now I have made up a nice box for it - it's very strong.