Unpublished recordings

The following listings are intended as research tools. They do not indicate that the material listed is available to the public, although much of it has indeed been made available through web propagation. The recordings in my own possession are not shared on the internet, simply because the volume is too large. I hope that, as has happened before, material I have can be deposited in Indian archives and made available as a catalogued repository. I fear for the moment that remains a dream! Which is why, at least, I value my inventory listings. Feel free to contact me if you have any comments.


The shareable files from my collection are now updated to Mediafire, from which the recordings may be downloaded. Folders are numbered and contain the files referred to in the below links. Files 1001-8999 are in folders 1-8, eg a file numbered 5034 is contained in the "5" folder, 7001 is in the "7" folder. For files 9001 onwards the folders indicate the second digit of the file number, eg 9011 is contained in the "90" folder, 9203 in the "92" folder etc. All comments welcome, especially notification (or even better, sharing!) of recordings not in these lists. If you welcome the facility, please give us a facebook like!

The Mediafire link is HERE

The same files are available on Mega - this has the advantage that multiple files can be selected for download rather than downloading singly. You can load the mega app on your mobile and download or play the files. Ypou don't need to join Mega to use teh facilities, and as I regard these files as now public you do not need a separate access key from me.

The Mega link is HERE

Or to download the archive by complete folder (each folder contains between 3 and 4 GB of files) - one zip file for each -

The zipped file Mediafire link is HERE

The recording lists -

Please note that the web pages are updated from time to tim with new items or additional information, but are not as complete as the up-to-date listing available for download in PDF format click here

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Unpublished recordings

Unpublished recordings with Ali Akbar Khan

AIR radio programmes

Lists of known other archive contents (not shared) -

Saptak Archive

NCAA Archive

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