A small number of video recordings remain.
Doordarshan released a DVD "Sudha Rasa" featuring two different performances from their archives.
Two programmes exist recorded from UK TV, and are offered here, digitised from my original VHS tapes.
A small number of private recordings exist, although quality is not good.

But pride of place here must surely go to Steven Baigel's documentary That Which Colors the Mind. Sadly unfinished it exists in eleven segments, some of which contain part of the material listed below. A must-see for anyone interested in the life of Nikhil Banerjee.

That Which Colors The Mind: Intro segment #1
That Which Colors The Mind: ICM segment #2
That Which Colors The Mind: Childhood segment #3
That Which Colors The Mind: Maihar segment #4
That Which Colors The Mind: Emergence segment #5
That Which Colors The Mind: Practice & Performance segment #6
That Which Colors The Mind: The Inner Man segment #7
That Which Colors The Mind: To the West segment #8
That Which Colors The Mind: In the West/Teaching segment #9
That Which Colors The Mind: Family/Last Years combo segments #5B and #10
That Which Colors The Mind: Final segment #11

Other videos

BBC Recording broadcast 1984, but probably recorded 1983, as Abhijit Banerjee accompanied Nikhilda on the European tour 1984, and this recording features Anindo Chatterjee. Recorded at the (then) BBC Birmingham Pebble Mill studios.

BBC 1984

The following two files were originally published by Patrick Moutal on his web page and were subsequently broadcast on YouTube by others. They appear to be again from the same Pebble Mill set and were probably recorded at the same session and transmitted on another date. Track lengths 4:21 and 5:07.



In 1985 Eastern Eye (London Weekend Television LWT/Channel 4)broadcast a concert featuring three different Indian artists, Nikhil Banerjee had two slots in the programme, the first including an interview. Video lengths 14:48 and 6:00.

Eastern Eye Part 1
Eastern Eye Part 2

DD Archives # RSR/05/02-DVD
Raga Sudha Rasa
Maluha Kalyan with Anindo Chatterjee 42:53
Dhun 10:34

Track 1, Maluha Kalyan, was recorded 1984 Tollygunge or Salt Lake studio
Track 2, Dhun earlier 60s or 70s, tabla player unknown, (not Mahapurush Mishra)

The video has been widely pirated, and I will not repeat that here.

This full recording of Khamaj, with Zakir Hussain, has been widely distributed on YouTube etc. The performance is said to be from Toronto, 1985. I believe NB also played Marwa in the first half of the concert. Length 63:33.


A recently shared piece - courtesy of Vishuddhatma, posting on Youtube. A brief but charming item with Maharapush Mishra "live lesson 1960s.

Bhatiyali Dhun

Part of this programme
Sitar Demonstration

In the 1954 film "Ferry" actors Devanand and Geeta Bali are shown performing on sarod and sitar. The soundtrack is of Ali Akbar Khan and Nikhil Banerjee.
Length 3:06. Ferry

A charming short extract, with Anindo Chatterjee, I have totally forgotten where this originated. Mystery 1

Another short clip, a chakardar by Zakir Hussain.
Mystery 2 (My notes say "maybe from published Shyam Kedar performance").

Perhaps from this video published on Youtube by Basant Bahar Zakir Hussain.
Shyam Kedar and Pilu Festival of Indian Classical music 10- 6 -1985 organized by consulate general of India in San Francisco Ca.

The film Kudito Pashan "Hungry Stones", 1960, has three songs by Amir Khan and this piece (sound only) by NB and AAK. The video clip

The documentary film on Baba Allauddin Khan has a tantalising short glimpse Baba Allauddin Khan.

The Inner Eye - a short documentary on the artist Binode Bihari Mukherjee contains a sequence featuring Nikhil Banerjee's playing (Komal Re Asawari?) towards the end of the film, but the whole is well worth watching. Fascinating.
Inner Eye

Finally, a biographical film produced for the Mumbai Films Division
Nikhil Banerjee- The Maestro of Sitar

"A fixed composition you can play perfectly technically it is perfect but maybe it is not music that is created ..."
Nikhil Banerjee