Nikhil Banerjee Published Recordings Discography

EMI - EASD and related releases LP and Cassette

The Gramophone Company of India Limited started out as a branch of EMI (Electrical & Musical Industries Limited, London), and continued as a public company under EMI control until 1985, when it was acquired by the RPG Group.
In the recording period we are interested in, LPs were largely issued under the HMV EALP and ASD/EASD labels. Outside India they were issued under the Capitol (US), Odeon (Germany) and other labels eg, EMI Australia. Cassettes were issued under HMV and Capitol (STCS) labels, and reissued under the HMV/RPG label after 1985. The catalogue was extensively mined and reissued on CD. In 2000 the Gramophone Company of India became Saregama India Limited, and many reissues and compilations will now be found on that label.
See also HMV list for cassettes
See the RPG list for Saregama CDNF re-issues.

EASD 1305
1966 Odeon S-MOAE 155 and Cassette STCS 02B 6230
Komala Rishab Asawari 20:04
Maluha Kalyan 12:20
Mishra Gara with Kanai Dutt 8:05

EASD 1318 1967 Malkauns Hem Lalit also Cassette STCS 04B 7426
01 - Malkauns 20:27
02 - Hem Lalit with Kanai Dutt 20:24
also released by Capitol International Series, ST 10502 The Sitar Genius of Nikhil Banerjee 1967
and by EMI (Australia) Ltd. under the HMV label, with the same title OASD 7538.

EASD 1342 1969 and Cassette STCS 02B 6222
01 Hemant 25:03
02 Bhatiyar with Keramatola Khan 25:00
also released as Ragas for Meditation (Capitol ST-10518) 1969 01 Bhatiyar 02 Hemant and saregama (?)

EASD 1355 1968 and LP ASD 2394 (now titled Music from India Series 6)
01 - Lalit 19:31
02 - Sindhu Bhairavi - Madhyalaya, Drut Sitarkhani 8:03
03 - Puriya Kalyan with Kanai Dutta Alap, Madhyalaya & Drut Teental 27:50
“Vikram” (Viram) Jasani tanpura
Puriya Kalyan rereleased on saregama “First Time on CD” CD, with 1978 Hem Bihag.

EASD 1377 1972 and Cassette STCS 02B 2405 - Sohini, Megh
01 - Sohini 20:05
02 - Megh with Swapan Chaudhuri 19:42

EASD 1378 1973 emi and Cassette STCS 02B 6223
Jaunpuri 20:08
Mand with Swapan Chowdhuri 20:08

EASD 1450 1978/88? In Memoriam - Sitar from the Concert Hall Volume 2
Hem-Bihag with Kishen Maharaj, tabla 50:25
see also HMV cassettes
Rereleased on saregama “First Time on CD” CD.
“Live from Rabindra Sadan 1978 organised by Malhar”
Vilambit Madhya, Drut teental, Ektaal

EASD 1459 and Cassette STCS 02B 6204 “Live at San Rafael , USA ”: Raga Khamaj and Ragamala 49:47
(issued 1986?) (same as EASD 1465)

EASD 1465/1466 and cassette releases STCS 02B 6215/16 1988 (see HMV) – Padmabushan NB In Concerts
Side 1 Raga Khamaj- Gat Vilambat-Rupak, 24:39
Side 2 Raga Khamaj – Gat 25:08
Madhyalaya-Rupak, Ragamala- Gat Drut-Teental
with Swapan Chowdhury AACM San Rafael

Side 1 Raga Mishra Shivranjani – Gat Vilambat-Rupak, 27:32
Side 2 Raga Mishra Shivranjani – Gat Vilambat & Drut – Rupak & Teental 27:41
with Anindo Chatterjee BITS (Birla Insitute), Pilani, Rajasthan * with drut gat in Kirwani?
Also on RPG cassettes HC75 M50008/9

EASD 1473-74 aka 6244_6245 released 1989
Marwa alap 43:01
Puriya Kalyan gats 41:33
with Swapan Chowdhury AACM 1985 (see Chhanda Dhara)

EASD 1490 and Cassette STCS 02B 6274 “Live in Berkeley , USA ”:
Chandrakaush 19:21
Mishra Kafi 7:19
Khamaj 29:01
issued 1991? (same performance as RAGA 201/204)

ECSD 2600 From The Concert Hall issued 1980 also HMV/RPG cassette STCS 04B 7477
Sindhura 40:27
Adana with Kishen Maharaj 12:52

EMI CMC 1 82502 EMI CMC 1 82502 One track on poor compilation album Chairmans Choice Great Gharanas - Maihar II issued 1994
Great Gharanas - Maihar II – 01 - Puriya Kalyan 31:12
cf EASD 1355 (Kanai Dutta not Swapan)

The EMI LP catalogue has been extensively mined and reissued for CD including:-

PSLP 5072 Megh alap, jhaptal, Sohini tintal (tabla Swapan Chaudhuri); Malkauns slow and fast tintal, Misra Gara sitarkhani (tabla Kanai Dutt) (From LPs EASD 1305, EAST 1318, EASD 1377.)

PSLP 5301 Komal Rishab Asavari alap, jor, gat in tintal, dhun (tabla Kanai Dutt); Jaunpuri slow and fast tintal, Mand sitarkhani (tabla Swapan Chaudhuri)

See also HMV cassette listings

"Morning to Midnight Ragas" Originally 6 cassette set
PSLP 5128 Melodies of Noon and Dusk EMI CD (1989)?
Mand, teental 7.53

Further CD compilations
PSLP 5653 "Raptures" includes Adana gat
PSLP 5836 includes Hem Lalit w Kanai Dutt
PSLP 5369 "Triveni" includes Hem Behag with Kishen Maharaj
PSLP 5471 "Monsoon Melodies" includes Megh with Swapan Choudhury