Nikhil Banerjee Published Recordings Discography

Raga Records Tapes and CDs

Along with Chhanda Dhara, US-based Raga Records presents a collection of some of the finest live recordings of Nikhil Banerjee in concert. The CDs remain in print, as of 2017, except for RR202, which can be custom-burned.
Further information on these releases may be found at the Raga Records website

RR201 1967 KPFA Berkeley live to air
Cassette RR101 CD RR201
Chandrakaush (alap only) 20:11
Khamaj 30:33
with Mahapurush Misra

RR202 1968 Berkeley
Cassette RR102 CD RR202
with Mahapurush Misra 44:18

Berkeley concert 1982 2 cds
RR207 1982 Berkeley concert part 1
Purabi Kalyan (The 100 Minute Raga) with Swapan Chaudhuri 100:15

RR204 1982 Berkeley concert part 2
Mishra Kafi with Swapan Chaudhuri 74:34

RR211 1970 Rotterdam Afternoon Ragas
01 Bhimpalasri 35:40
02 Multani with Kanai Dutt 41:48

RR212 Amsterdam de Kosmos 1972
212a Manomanjari 75:09
212b Sindhu Khamaj with Zamir Ahmed Khan 70:46

RR214 Amsterdam 1970
Hemant with Kanai Dutt 60:07

RR216 1965 Morning Ragas Bombay 2cds
Bilaskhani Todi 50:34
Jogiya Kalingra 54:00
Bhairavi with Nikhil Ghosh 54:04

RR217 Munich 1980
Malgunji with Anindo Chatterjee 78:54

RR218 Amsterdam 1984
Gawoti with Abhijit Banerjee 3/11/84 77:16

RR225 Live, Munich 1976
Shree Rag with Swapan Chaudhuri 78:37

RR227 Live 30/12/1964, Chennai issued 2010
Kaushi Kanada 43:38
Bhairavi with Prem Vallabh 30:53