Nikhil Banerjee Published Recordings Discography

RPG label CDNF (Saregama)

These labels contain an extensive collection of CD reissues of previously-released EMI material.
Saregama India Limited is an Indian music company formerly known as The Gramophone Company Of India Ltd. It began operations in 1901 as a branch of EMI, UK. RPG Group took over management of the label in 1985. The name change from The Gramophone Company Of India Ltd. to Saregama India Limited became effective in November 2000.

CDNF 150423_4 Sunset Serenity
Sunset Serenity - Live in San Francisco I (CDNF150423) - Marwa - Alap-Jor-Jhala
Sunset Serenity - Live in San Francisco II (CDNF150424) - Puriya Kalyan - Gats with Swapan Chowdhuri
1985 – see Chhanda Dhara. This version may have fuller coverage of the Puriya Kalyan.

CDNF 150012 Sitar Recital I – CD issued 1989 (compilation - see PSLP 5072)
01 - Megh with Swapan Chowdhury alap and jhaptal
02 - Malkauns with Kanai Dutt (complete) vilambit drut teental
03 - Sohini with Swapan Chowdhury Short Alap and Gat
04 - Mishra Gara with Kanai Dutt Sitarkhani gat

CDNF 150043 Padmabhushan NB CD issued 1991 (another compilation - see PSLP 5301)
Komal Rishabh Asavari – alap, jod & gat in teentaal
Jaunpuri – gat vilambit & drut in teentaal
Mand – gat in sitarkhani taal
Dhun – baul (folk tune)? with Kanai Dutt
no info available as to track provenance

Jaunpuri also on CDNF150166 Classic Moods, compilation with other artists.

CDNF 150871 “First Time on CD”
Puriya Kalyan
Hem Behag
See EMI/HMV for original issues of these tracks.

CDNF 150859 compilation from EASD releases 2008
Pride of Bengal Pandit Nikhil Banerjee Classical Instrumental Sitar
1 Bhatiyar (1969)
2 Maluha Kalyan (1966)
3 Mishra Gara (1966)
4 Hem Lalit (1967)

Other compilations include -

CDNF 151000 String Instruments of India
Raga ? "From Sangeet Natak Akademi archives.
Probably Raga Abhogi Kanada 3.00 only

CDNF 150045 Triveni
Hem Behag – w Kishen Maharaj ?

CDNF 150063 Monsoon Melodies 1991
Megh alap and jhaptal?

CDNF 150080 Raptures
Adana gat

CDNF 150104 Rare Morning ragas
Hem Lalit-Alap & Gat in Dhamar Taal Kanai Dutt?

CDNF 150828 Best of Sitar
Baul Dhun
Repackaged Sony 2008

CDNF 150867 Music for Relaxation
Relief Raga-Hemant, Repose Raga-Lalit, Relaxation Raga-Sindhu Bhairavi (!)

CDNF 150868
The Greatest Hits Of
Megh, Malkauns, Sohini, Dhun Baul Mishra Gara

CDNF 150976-8 3CD set The Genius Of Nikhil Banerjee
Sindhura, Hem Bihag, Komal Rishab Asavari, Bhatiyar, Hem Lalit, Marwa, Sohoni, Adana

Magic Moments, mp3 playlist
Sohini etc SC0379-380
The Sublime Legacy
Disc: CD1
1. Raga Bhatiyar (Short Alap, Vilamvit and Durt Gat) In Tentaal
2. Raga - Megh (Alap and Gat) Jhaptaal
3. Raga - Sohini (Short Alap and Gat Teentaal)
4. Dhun - Baul (Folk Tune)
Disc: CD2
1. Raga - Malkauns Gat Vilambit And Drut - Teentaal
2. Raga : Puriay Kalyan (1968) Alap Gat Madhyalaya Teentaal
3. Raga - Komal Rishabh Asavari - Alap, Jod and Gat In Teentaal
4. Raga - Adana (Gat Teentaal)