Nikhil Banerjee Published Recordings Discography


Venus Worldwide Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Venus Records and Tapes Pvt. Ltd.) produced a rather tacky release of a couple of performances. Related to Melody International Ltd.

VCCD207/8 Shuddha Basant and Bhairavi VCBG 015/016 issued March 1993
aka Melody MCD-207/208 - live in Calcutta with Kumar Bose probably March 23 1985 Kala Mandir, Calcutta Music Conference
Reissued as Pt. Nikhil Banerjee (Sitar Vadan)
cd1 Shuddha Basant alap jod vilambit teental
cd2 Shuddha Basant (cont) drut teental total length 68:38
Bhairavi Alap,Gat In Maddhya Laya Rupak,Gat Drut Teentaal 21:21
Bonus track (!) Tilda Basmati Rice Commercial

2011 MOD and MP3 Vol.1 24:17+23:27

Vol 2 20:54+21:21
WMA VERSION Shuddh Basant edited (issued RPG?) 52:36