Nikhil Banerjee Published Recordings Discography

Atlantis Magnasound

From 1985 Atlantis Music was a Calcutta-based producer of music cassettes,cassettes and later CDs were released under the "Magnasound" label.

C3HI0631 Magnasound The Legend Lives On cassette issued 1993 No tabla player credited on cassette, reissued on CD D3H10631 1996 OMI music May 21 1996
01 Chandrakauns (with Shyamal Bose 1970 – see SICCD 067) 28.31
02 Ahir Bhairav (probably with Keramatulla Khan, unknown date) 29.00
Released as DSAV1054 Music CD 1995 Made in UK
”Pandit Nikhil Banerjee appears on this album courtesy of Mrs. Roma Banerjee”
And “Classical Treasures” Vol 1 EMI 2001 5099964239729 track lengths listed 29.06 29.39
Marketed and distributed by Virgin Records (India)
CD re-released in 2000 as AMCD002
Re-released by Sagarika as "Legends" S-500-39-4 2004

ANC003Maestro Atlantis Music Classical Heritage of India cassette issued 2000
Marketed by BMG Crescendo
No tabla player credited, recording date unknown – reissued cd DSAV 1039 - Multitone (Sony UK), Prestige, BMG
also D3HI0623 & AMCD003, "Selection" on Sagarika etc.
And “Classical Treasures” Vol 2 EMI 2001 track lengths 14.23/19.03/22.06
01 - Khambaz 14:38
02 - Yaman Bilawal 19:31
03 - Miyan ki Todi 22:36